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Water: Too much, Just right, or Not enough?

Watering too much not only wastes a precious resource--water-- watering too much wastes a precious resource--money!

1.  Always honor any watering restrictions by your particular jurisdiction.

2.  Only water when your landscaping needs it.  Your grass needs it when it doesn't spring back when you walk on it, and your plants need it when they look sad and wilted.

3.  Use drip irrigation, micro irrigation, and soaker hoses where ever possible.

4.  Use reclaimed water if you have it available.

5.  Hand water where you can if you are under watering restrictions.

6.  Adjust sprinkler heads so that you are watering the plants and lawn and not the sidewalk, street, garbage cans, or driveway.

7.  Needless to say, fix all leaky valves and broken pipes.

8.  Test how much water you are using by shutting all other sources of water.  Read and record the water meter.  Run your sprinkler system one complete cycle.  Read and record your water meter.  Subtract the one number from the other, and you'll see how much you used.

9.  Choose native or drought tolerant plants where possible and use path ways and landscaped beds, rather than completely soded yard.

10.  Wear your lawn long and not short since longer blades of grass retain water longer than the shorter blades of grass.  You can do this by setting your mower blades higher.

Well done is better than well said.